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Community Outreach & Education

Community Outreach and education programs for the Clinton Police Department include the Citizens' Police Academy, Neighborhood Night Out, Community outreach and crime prevention seminars, and the Internet Transaction Safe Zone

Citizens' Police Academy

Our next Citizens' Police Academy will be held September 23-28, 2019.

The Citizen's Police Academy is designed to give participants an in-depth look at how Clinton Police operate. Goals of the Citizens’ Police Academy:

  • To educate and inform the community about the Clinton Police Department;
  • To promote the “Community-Oriented Policing” philosophy;
  • To provide a forum for police and community interaction;
  • To work together to create a safer city.
  • The course is open to anyone older than 18 and requires a background check by the department.

To enter the program, applicants must pass a background check and not all applicants will be chosen for the first round of the academy this spring. With plans for addition academies in the future, CPD hopes to make this a recurring program of the Police Department.

For more information, please contact Lt. Mike Kelly at (601) 924-5252 or download the application here...

Neighborhood Night Out

Clinton’s Neighborhood Night Out is an annual event designed to strengthen our communities by encouraging neighborhoods to engage in stronger relationships with each other and with their local law enforcement partners.

The event is scheduled for the first Tuesday in October each year.

Throughout the evening NNO parties will be attended by city administration, police and fire to share updates and tips on building a safer and stronger neighborhood.


Clinton Coffee with a Cop

Police officers and community members to meet in a comfortable environment to discuss any topic-from crime to neighborhood nuisance issues. Over a cup of coffee, community members and police officers can get to know each other better in efforts to build relationships. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s enjoy some conversation.

Businesses that are interested in hosting a Coffee with a Cop event are invited to contact Chief Ford Hayman at (601) 924-5252.


Internet Transaction Safe Zone

Looking for a safe place to purchase goods from a Craigslist seller? Need somewhere secure to sell items through Facebook garage sale sites?

The City of Clinton has set up an Internet Transaction Zone -- a safe area just inside the lobby of the Clinton Police Department at 305 Monroe Street in Olde Towne Clinton.

Marked by signage, the area serves as a safe location for locals to meet up to exchange goods and payments.  Video cameras record all transactions.

For larger internet transactions such as boats, trailers and cars, the department has set up a safe zone on the west side of the Police Department. With signs marking the transaction spots, the inside and outside locations are monitored by video surveillance 24 hours per day.

Residents are encouraged to alert CPD of their transaction by calling 601-924-5252. This will allow dispatch to be aware of your presence and the transaction. Residents may also request dispatch to run a VIN or title check on vehicle and boat transactions to ensure that there are not liens or issues with the title.

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Lock it or Lose It

The Clinton Police Department is encouraging residents to “LOL” (Lock It or Lose It) their cars and secure their valuables in order to prevent thefts through the holiday season.

Recent crime stats show continued reductions in auto burglaries from over 150 in 2013 to 44 in the most recent 12 months. Chief Hayman and Mayor Phil Fisher are championing the LOL (Lock it or Lose it) campaign as an important step in continuing the significant reduction in property crimes in the city.

Most vehicle break-ins and residential burglaries are crimes of opportunities and if a vehicle or building is locked, a criminal will usually move on.

If residents actively participate in the Lock it or Lose it campaign, our community could potentially eliminate property crimes.

Neighborhoods and businesses are invited to participate in the campaign as well. For more information on implementation of the campaign your neighborhood or business, please contact Lt. Michael Kelly at 601-924-5252.

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