Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.
If you’re considering moving or have recently moved to Clinton, the following set of frequently asked questions will help you through the process. If one of your questions is not listed below, feel free to contact one of our city departments.

Where do I register to vote in Clinton?+

To register for City, County, State and Federal elections, contact Clinton City Hall at (601) 924-5474 and the Hinds County Circuit Clerk at (601) 968-6640. To be eligible to vote, a person must be a citizen of the United States, age 18 or older, and must have resided in Mississippi and this Election District for at least 30 days. Potential voters must be registered at least 30 days prior to any election.

Where do I get my driver’s license in Clinton?+

New residents of Mississippi must apply for a Driver’s License within 60 days and must be 16 years old or older. Drivers’ licenses are obtained from the Mississippi Department of Public Safety at two locations of the Mississippi Highway Patrol in the Metro Jackson area. Please call for directions to the location nearest you. Telephone: (601) 987-1200.

Where do I get a car tag in Clinton?+

Automobile licenses must be purchased annually through the Hinds County Tax Collector and are due during the month in which the vehicle was purchased. New residents must register their vehicles within 30 days of establishing residence. Telephone: 601-968-6590.

Where do I apply for hunting and fishing licenses in Clinton?+

Licenses are available for purchase at most sporting goods stores and variety stores in Clinton. For more information, contact the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, 601-432-2055.

How do I establish water service in Clinton?+

To arrange water service, apply in person at the City Public Works Facility located at 525 Springridge Road. New customers must pay a non-refundable service fee to establish services. The fee is $125 for homeowners and $175 for renters. Customers transferring service from one location to another will be charged a $75 service fee. Call 601-924-2239 for more information.

When is garbage pickup in Clinton?+

To find out when your garbage collection day is, contact Public Works at 601-924-2239.

How do I submit a Clinton Public Works work order?+

To submit a public works work order to the City of Clinton, follow this link to the Department of Public Works. Public Works has created an online work order form to assist residents in making requests for services or to report issues with city infrastructure related to streets, water, sewer, garbage, recycling, mowing, litter, potholes, traffic signals, and other matters. Please complete the online form with as much detail as possible. Your submission will be emailed directly to the department head.

How do I submit a Clinton building permit application?+

Follow this link! All for-profit entities operating in the City of Clinton are required to obtain a business license. Information must be provided on the number of employees and/or assessed value of inventory (depending on the type of business) in order to obtain a license.

Questions regarding business licenses may be directed to the Community Development at 601-924-2256. The office hours are 7:30 am until 4:30 pm excluding holidays. Community Development is located in the Municipal Annex at 961 Highway 80 East (across from Wal-Mart).

For other licenses and permits, you can also follow the above link. An application for a license to sell beer within the City of Clinton is required prior to the beginning of sale. Upon approval of the application, a $15.00 license fee is required.

Specific businesses such as contractors or dealers of firearms may require additional information prior to receiving a business license.

How do I request Clinton tree pickup?+

The City of Clinton offers rubbish removal for rubbish piles no larger than seven feet long and five feet high. Public Works will not be responsible for the disposal of entire trees. You may call to schedule a pickup at (601) 924-2239 or fill out a work order form on our website.

How do I rent a park pavilion in Clinton?+

Clinton Parks are home to several outdoor pavilions located in our parks system that are available for rent. In order to reserve these facilities, please click here.

How do I find a job in Clinton?+

Clinton, MS, is home to a vast industrial park with several large, job-providing businesses. You can find work in Clinton by searching the list of businesses headquartered here. You can also browse our list of city job openings.

Is Clinton, MS, a retirement city?+

Yes! A Certified Retirement City, Clinton prides itself on meeting the needs of those who are seeking that special place to retire. Selected as one of Mississippi’s “Most Livable Cities” on multiple occasions, Clinton boasts an excellent quality of life, extensive healthcare options, and a wide variety of cultural and recreational offerings.

Why did my street not get paved?+

Streets are graded by city engineering staff on a yearly basis. Street paving is completed based on the street ratings and not particular location in a Ward. Roads with the lowest rating are given priority over higher graded streets. This approach maximizes paving dollars to address the most critical streets each year.