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Street Lights to Receive LED Retrofit

City of Clinton Street Lights to Receive Complete LED Retrofit


The City of Clinton has negotiated an agreement to retrofit 1800 streetlights to high efficiency LED lights at no cost to the City of Clinton. The 1800 Led lights will save the City approximately $5.00 per light, per month in energy savings.

“Entergy Mississippi has always been an active community partner, and this shows their commitment to our City. The LED lighting will enhance safety to the citizens of Clinton for years to come,” stated Mayor Phil Fisher.


This project will take approximately one year to complete. These 1800 lights coupled with the 300 lights retrofitted in 2019, will complete the street lighting in the City to LED. Once complete, the retrofit will result in a yearly savings of $126,000 to the City General Fund Street lighting budget of $650,000. 


Each fixture costs $32 per light but result in a savings of up to $5.00 per light each month. Due to the negotiated agreement, Entergy will not charge the City of Clinton the $32 swap out fee. This will save the City an initial $58,770 in swap out charges.


Plans for the swap out and timeline are in the planning process at Entergy, but initial estimates place completion of the project at 12 months, with some retrofits in Ward 6 beginning in the next few weeks.


The changes transform the street lighting from the older technology of high-pressure sodium vapor that emits an orange glow to the newer LED lights that have a whiter emission and use less energy and provide a clearer lighting experience. LED’s are also brighter than traditional HPS bulbs and provide an enhanced level of safety for pedestrians and motorists.