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Siemens Energy Announces Clinton Distribution Center

Siemens Energy has announced Clinton, Mississippi as the location of a 60,000 square foot distribution center to support warehousing and logistics operations. Siemens Energy is a recent spin-off of Germany based Siemens AG.

“We are looking forward to getting our new warehouse up and running in Clinton Mississippi. The city has been very supportive from day one.” Brian Balmes, Business Manager at Siemens Energy stated.

Siemens Energy will occupy 60,000 square feet of the Riverwood Warehouse at 947 Clinton Industrial Park Road. Siemens Energy will initially employ ten (10) individuals with opportunity to expand up to 100 employees and additional warehouse space. Clinton was chosen for the warehouse location over several other southern cities, including Southhaven, Mississippi.

“I am thrilled to have Siemens Energy join us in Clinton. This is a new spin-off for Siemens, the third largest business in Germany. They will be offering an IPO in the future and I anticipate they will grow substantially in the coming years,” added Mayor Phil Fisher.

Sharing the warehouse facility with Mississippi based Gulf Relay connects Siemens directly to a Mississippi based logistics company allowing for rapid expansion of operations as the new company grows.

Located just one mile off Interstate 20 in Clinton, the new location allows direct interstate access to service the high voltage energy transmission markets as well as proximity to manufacturing facilities for receipt of materials. Siemens Clinton distribution center will enable faster delivery to more customers. The center fulfills orders for high-voltage electrical transmission products.

“We are excited about becoming a part of the Clinton community. This new warehouse will help us serve our customers faster and better.” Muhammad Sohail, Vice President at  Siemens Energy stated.

The central location of the new facility will allow Siemens Industry to provide expedited shipping service to a greater percentage of its customer base.

“The addition of Siemens to Clinton shows our economic strength and competitive advantages for companies around the world. The fact that they have chosen Clinton is another proof of the economic oasis our City is, and how the vision of the Mayor in economic development is turning into a reality. We have more projects in the works that we hope to announce soon,” stated Gabriel Prado, Director of Economic Development for the City of Clinton.

About one sixth of all electricity generated worldwide is based on Siemens Energy technology.

Due to the breadth of its portfolio and its leading technology, Siemens Energy is well positioned to serve the different requirements of customers and society. With 91,000 employees in more than 90 countries,

Siemens Energy is a world leader along almost the entire energy value chain. An estimated one sixth of all electricity generated is based on Siemens Energy’s technology, which it believes makes the company hugely relevant for assuring future sustainable energy supplies. 



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