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Replacement of North Midway Road Bridge

Replacement of North Midway Road Bridge

The replacement of the North Midway Road Bridge between Clinton/Raymond Road and McRaven Road is coming sooner than expected. The project to replace has been moved up to May or early June.

Engineers origninally estimated that the project would begin in late summer 2021, bur appoval of the bridge plans by MDOT allowed for a more speedy process for reconstruction.

Construction is planned to last from 4-6 months.

The reconstruction of the bridge was approved in the February 2 board meeting by Aldermen and Mayor Phil Fisher. The bid has been awarded for $444,663.90 to Hemphill Construction. The award has been sent to the Mississippi Department of Transportation for approval.

80% of the project to replace the North Midway Road Bridge will be funded by the Federal Highway Administration and Mississippi Department of Transportation. The remaining 20% of the costs will be funded by the City of Clinton 2021 budget.

Two other bridge projects continue to move forward according to schedule. Even following the ice storm of Feb 15-18, contractors have reached significant milestones in the bridge projects.

On Kickapoo Road, crews have completed the bridge portion of the project. That phase of the project included replacing the wooden pilings with concrete pilings and raising the deck an additional two feet to meet current floodplain regulations. Due to the new height of the bridge, the roadbed must now be raised as it approaches the bridge. Crews are currently building up the subsurface to the required height and grade elevations on the approach.  

Cynthia Road bridge project is also moving ahead despite the winter precipitation. During the week of February 22, crews were driving the final two concrete pilings. Once completed, the bridge deck will be set in place and the approach to the bridge will be raised. Like the Kickapoo project, the bridge is being raised two feet to meet new FEMA floodplain regulations.

The elevation of the bridge to the new flood plain elevations, will also require the approaches to the bridge to be raised to meet federal regulations for approach grade.

In 2021, the City of Clinton will spend approximately $1.4 million on bridge replacements. Additionally, over $1.4 million will be spent on paving of surface streets including Arrow Drive. The multi-use trail along Arrow Drive will also be included for $708,000.

On March 1, crews will begin work on the completion of the Arrow Drive multi-use path from Pinehaven Road to Cynthia Road at Baseball Alley. 

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