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U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss) announced $766,664 in 592 grant funding through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Clinton. Funds are allocated for water and sewer infrastructure projects in Clinton, Miss. Clinton’s funding is part of a larger allocation of $46.5 million in Army Corps projects in Mississippi, including advance planning of the Yazoo Backwater Pumps.

In 2019, Clinton applied for Army Corps 592 grant funding. Grant funding requires a 75% federal - 25% local match. Clinton’s FY’ 2020 budget allocated $255,554 for water tank rehabilitation, which will be applied to the grant match.

A total project cost of $1,022,219.  Based on this revised grant award we will now be able to provide the following project improvements:

·         Complete Rehabilitation/Painting of the Southside 1 million gallon tank

·         Installation of tank mixing equipment in the Old Vicksburg Tank

·         Replacement of water mains along Franklin, Pinehurst and Angelia streets

·         Reconnection of the water mains located on Clinton Blvd near Wickstead Drive

For two years, the city has been rehabilitating elevated water tanks throughout the system for several years. The Southside is the final tank scheduled for mandated clean water act rehabilitation.  In addition to the Southside rehabilitation, a tank mixing system will be installed on the Old Vicksburg tank with grant funds to assist in maintaining water quality per MSDH requirements. Replacement of water mains in to areas of the City will also be performed with the grant.

“I am extremely grateful for the support from Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith in supporting Clinton’s application. Senator Hyde-Smith’s commitment to supporting Mississippi’s municipalities, like Clinton is proof of her fervent advocacy of Mississippi,” stated Mayor Phil Fisher

Hyde-Smith, who serves on the Senate appropriations subcommittee that funds the Army Corps, said the additional FY2020 funding will support flood control structures, six wastewater projects in Clinton, Gautier, Oxford, Sardis, and Jackson and DeSoto counties, and harbor dredging in Gulfport and Pascagoula.

“Congress gives the Army Corps the discretion to allocate funding to projects that are underfunded but would have a near-term positive impact on public health and safety.  This is the case for the projects in Mississippi getting additional funding,” Hyde-Smith said.

“I am pleased the Army Corps is dedicating funding to the city of Clinton for continued upgrades to their water services,” she said.

The additional Mississippi project funding derives from the FY2020 appropriations legislation signed into law in December.  The Army Corps FY2020 Work Plan outlines the projects that will receive additional resources this year.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers FY2020 Work Plan (Mississippi) 

Total of additional $46.5 million for 27 Mississippi projects

Construction Account – Environmental Infrastructure:  $13,752,500 total (new funding)

  • $4.0 million for an ongoing project to reclaim treated wastewater effluent from points in southern Jackson County
  • $3,922,500 to complete construction of the Lower Camp Creek Force Main pipeline portion of the DeSoto County Wastewater Treatment Project
  • $2,500,000 for a nano filtration water treatment plant for the City of Gautier
  • $1.700,000 to initiate and complete construction of new sewer and water rehabilitation work in the City of Oxford
  • $750,000 to initiate and complete construction of new sewer and water rehabilitation work in the City of Sardis
  • $700,000 to initiate and complete construction of new sewer and water rehabilitation work in the City of Clinton


Operation & Maintenance Account:  $12,961,000 total

  • Additional $6,029,000 for channel dredging and activities at Whitten Lock on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway (FY2020 total:  $43,698,000)
  • Additional $5,130,000 for Gulfport Harbor dredging (FY2020 total: $9,485,000)
  • Additional $1,700,000 for Pascagoula Harbor dredging (FY2020 total: $5,560,000)
  • Additional $39,000 for Yazoo River navigation maintenance clearing and snagging activities (FY2020 total:  $150,000)
  • Additional $23,000 for Mouth of the Yazoo River dredging activities (FY2020 total:  $330,000)
  • $40,000 for Water and Environmental Certification


Mississippi River and Tributaries – Construction:  $13,192,000 total (new funding)

  • $7,500,000 million for the Yazoo Backwater Area to continue environmental documentation and the acquisition of mitigation necessary to advance revived efforts to complete the last remaining unconstructed feature of the project—pumps
  • $2,942,000 for Big Sunflower River to complete the design and construction of two sediment reduction structure projects
  • $2,750,000 for Upper Yazoo Projects for ongoing channel improvement and bank stabilization efforts


Mississippi River and Tributaries – Operation and Maintenance:  $6,819,000 total

  • Additional $1,655,.000 – Arkabutla Lake (FY2020 total:  $7,186,000)
  • Additional $1,322,00 – Grenada Lake (FY2020 total:  $6,151,000)
  • Additional $826,000 – Sardis Lake (FY2020 total:  $6,116,000)
  • Additional $800,000 – Yazoo Backwater Area (FY2020 total:  $1,204,000)
  • Additional $743,000 – Tributaries (FY2020 total:  $1,418,000)
  • Additional $655,000 – Enid Lake (FY2020 total:  $5,318,000)
  • Additional $560,000 – Main Stem (FY2020 total:  $1,695,000)
  • Additional $107,000 – Inspection of Completed Works (FY2020 total:  $259,000)
  • Additional $100,000 – Whittington Auxiliary (FY2020 total:  $380,000)
  • Additional $45,000 – Yazoo City (FY2020 total:  $559,000)
  • Additional $4,000 – Greenwood (FY2020 total:  $751,000)
  • Additional $2,000 – Vicksburg Harbor (FY2020 total:  $942,000)