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Garbage Rate Increase

          The City of Clinton will increase the garbage rates for residential and commercial customers of the city. Due to efforts to accommodate the full cost of providing solid waste and disposal service to the residents of the city due to increasing costs by Waste Management.

          The rate for residential service will increase by 61.29% to $25.00 per month. The rate for commercial service will increase by 42.50% to $28.50 per month. These increases will result in a 48% increase in total revenues in the garbage fund.

          Due to the fact that the vendor has already begun to charge the new rate as of January 2022, the rates for the May 31 through September 20, 2022 will be as follows: For residential service $32.60 per month and for commercial service $35.30 per month. The rates will revert to $25.00 per month for residential service and $28.50 per month for commercial service for the October 31, 2022 bill.

          The Mayor and Board of Aldermen intend to consider for passage a Resolution setting these new rates at the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to be held May 3, 2022 at 6 PM in the Municipal Courtroom located at 305 Monroe Street.

          For more information, please contact Amanda Jones at or visit