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Clinton Crime Statistics

In 2021, named Clinton the 3rd safest city in the state of Mississippi for the third year in a row. While being the only city in the top three to share a city limit with one of the most dangerous cities in the nation, the Clinton Police Department has managed to drastically reduce the crime rate in Clinton over the last decade.  Since 2013 the City of Clinton has nearly doubled its police force as a direct response to prevent crime from spilling over from the capital city. The Clinton Police Department is not only tasked with reducing crime but in doing so has reduced the fear of crime among citizens and improved the quality of life in Clinton.

Over the last ten years, Clinton has seen a dramatic decrease in both felony property crimes and robbery. With a total of 373 reported felony property crimes in 2013, that number has decreased by 80% to only 75 crimes reported in 2022. The most drastic being residential burglary with a decrease of 95% from 174 reported in 2013 to only 8 in 2022.

Robbery crime has seen a decrease of 90% since 2013. From a total of 21 crimes reported in 2013 to two reported in 2022. Carjacking has decreased 100% with no reports since 2021.