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Link to State Executive Orders

Governor Tate Reeves has Issued Executive Order 1466:
Shelter-In-Place Order

Effective: April 3, 2020 at 5:00 P.M. through April 20, 2020 at 8:00 A.M.

Governor Tate Reeves has issued a shelter-in-place order for the State of Mississippi effective April 3, 2020 at 5 P.M. through April 20, 2020 at 8:00 A.M.

City officials will be strictly enforcing the shelter-in-place order. We ask all residents to follow the order and self-enforce the prohibited elements outlined in the order.

What is Shelter-in Place?

Shelter In Place FAQ

What you CAN do under a shelter-in-place order.

  • You may leave your home to perform acts necessary for your health and safety or the health and safety of family members (including pets) or other persons who are unable to or cannot leave their home;
  • to obtain food and necessary supplies or services for yourself, your family, or others who cannot leave their home;
  • to engage in individual outdoor activity;
  • to perform work supporting an Essential Business

    What you CANNOT DO under a shelter-in-place order:
  • Fitness and exercise gyms, dance studios, clubs, tattoo parlors, spas, salons, barber shops, and other similar personal care and grooming facilities must close.
  • You must stay home and may only leave for essential activities. (However, you may leave homes that are unsafe, for example, due to domestic violence or sanitation issues.)
  • Individuals involved in Essential Travel must observe social distancing and COVID avoidance guidelines as specified by the CDC.
  • Individuals using space outside their homes shall avoid gatherings of more than 10 people and shall maintain a six-foot separation from other persons when outside.
  • Non-essential businesses shall cease except for minimum operations necessary to maintain the condition of facilities, inventory and equipment, to perform payroll and benefits functions, and to facilitate employees’ remote work.
  • Essential Businesses as identified in Executive Order 1463 (as supplemented) are permitted to remain open to perform essential functions. In Clinton, essential retail will be defined as all supermarkets, food and beverage stores, food providers, convenience stores, pharmacies, hardware and building materials, gas stations. Florists, gift shops, clothing stores, and beauty supply stores are considered non-essential. See below for other essential businesses as defined by Order 1463.
  • Restaurants may remain open only for delivery, drive-through and curbside service. No carry-out is allowed.
  • Closes all swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, beaches and lakes. Walking trails remain open, but keep six-feet distance while walking.
  • All public and private, social and non-essential gatherings in excess of 10 people shall be cancelled or rescheduled.
  • All places of amusement and recreation, indoor and outdoor, including but not limited to amusement parks and rides, museums, swimming pools, playgrounds, children’s party and play facilities, parks (not including walking trails), movie theaters, bowling alleys and social clubs, shall be closed to the public.

Shelter-in-place FAQ

Essential Businesses or Operations include:
For purposes of this Executive Order, the phrase "Essential Business or Operation" means:

•    Essential Government functions including public safety and first responders, law enforcement, fire prevention and response, courts and court personnel, military, emergency management personnel, corrections, probation and parole, child protection, child welfare, EMTs, 911 call center employees, all workers and vendors that support law enforcement and emergency management operations and services;

•    Essential healthcare operations including hospitals/clinics, research and laboratory operations, nursing homes, residential health care facilities, congregate care facilities, assisted living facilities, elder care, medical wholesale and distribution, home health workers and aides, medical supply and equipment manufacturers and providers, medical waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, other ancillary healthcare services;

•    Essential infrastructure including utilities including power generation, nuclear facilities, utility poles and components, fuel and transmission, petroleum producers, suppliers and distributors, supply chain companies, telecommunications, electronic security and life safety services, wireless communication, communications sales and customer support, telecommunication and data centers, cybersecurity operations, flood control, operation of dams, aviation, airports, ports, roads and highways, mass transit, automotive sales and repair, vehicle rental services, taxi and

·    network providers (such as Uber and Lyft), freight and passenger rail, pipelines, transportation infrastructure, public water and waste water, hazardous waste disposal, hotels and commercial lodging services;

•    Manufacturing including food processing and production, pharmaceuticals, food additives, medical equipment, medical devices and supplies, technology, biotechnology, chemical products, telecommunications products, automotive production and suppliers, healthcare, energy, steel and steel products, fuel and petroleum exploration and production, lubricants, greases and engine oils, mining, national defense, sanitary and cleaning products, household products, personal care products, products used by any other Essential Business or Operation;

•    Agriculture and farms including food cultivation, livestock, cattle, poultry and seafood operations, livestock auctions, feedlots, dealers and brokers of livestock, livestock transporters, farmer's markets, feed stores, repair of agricultural equipment, gas, diesel and petroleum suppliers, aquaculture, horticulture, chemicals including pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer, producers and distributors, forest products businesses, including those involved in forestry operations, logging, manufacture of lumber and paper products, meat processing facilities, rendering facilities and transporters, feed processing facilities, veterinary services;

•   Essential retail including all supermarkets, food and beverage stores, food providers, convenience stores, pharmacies, hardware and building materials, gas stations, restaurants or bars for curb side pick-up, carryout or delivery;

•   Essential services including trash collection, mail and shipping services, home repair, automotive sales and repair, warehouse, distribution and fulfillment centers, laundromats/laundry service;

•   Media including newspapers, digital news sites, television, radio and other media services;

•   Education including educators supporting public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities, educational institutions, for purposes of facilitating distance learning, performing critical research or other essential functions including public schools preparing and transporting free and reduced meals to eligible students within their respective districts (this Executive Order is consistent with and does not amend or supersede Executive Order No. 1460 regarding public schools);

•   Financial services including banks and related financial institutions, insurance, payroll, accounting, processing financial transactions, services related to financial markets;

•   Professional services including legal services, accounting services, insurance services, real estate services (including appraisal and title services);

•   Providers of basic necessities to economically disadvantaged populations including businesses, religious and secular non-profit organizations, food banks, foster care, homeless shelters and congregate care facilities;

•   Construction and construction related services including building and construction, lumber, building materials and hardware, electricians, plumbers, exterminators, cleaning and janitorial, HVACR and water heating industry, painting, moving and relocating services, other skilled trades, and other related construction firms and professionals for maintaining essential infrastructure;

•   Essential services necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operations of residences and essential businesses and essential business operations, including law enforcement, fire prevention and response, firearm and ammunition manufacturers and retailers, building code enforcement, security, emergency management and response, building cleaning including disinfection, automotive sales and repair, mortuaries and cemeteries;

•   Defense Industrial Base including employers and personnel who support the essential products and services required to meet national security commitments to the Federal Government and the U. S. Military, including personnel working for companies and their subcontractors, who perform under contract to the Department of Defense providing materials and services to the Department of Defense and government-owned/contractor­ operated and government-owned/government-operated facilities.

•    Vendors that provide essential services or products, including logistics and technology support, child care programs and services, medical waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, services needed to ensure the continuing operation of Essential Business or Operation, operation of government agencies, and to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the public;

•    Religious entities including religious and faith-based facilities, entities and groups, religious gatherings provided that they adhere to the CDC and the Mississippi Department of Health recommendations and guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19;

•    Categories of workers and related industries identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in its "Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response" as it may be amended,


•    Other categories as may be identified and deemed essential by the Mississippi Department of Health, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and/or other appropriate agency of the State of Mississippi.



Essential Businesses are required to take all reasonable measures to comply with CDC and MDOH guidelines, such as social distancing and sending sick employees home or requiring them to stay home.

HOW the Order will be enforced:
• Pursuant to Miss. Code Section 33-15-1 et seq., state and local emergency management officials can arrest violators who will be subject to up to a $500 fine and up to 6 months imprisonment.

View Executive Order...

Link to state news releases

You must be screened for free through the C Spire Health UMMC Virtual COVID-19 Triage app, or by calling (601) 496-7200, to get an appointment in order to take part in these drive-thru specimen collection points in Vicksburg and Greenwood. Individuals should not show up without such an appointment. Using the C Spire Health app is the easiest, quickest process to be screened and receive an appointment.

The appointment-only testing is free of charge. Mississippians who have been screened as being high risk of infection will give a specimen sample, via a nose swab, without exiting their vehicle.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the Mississippi National Guard are collaborating with UMMC and MSDH to facilitate the collections.

Human Services

Residents needing assistance with food, utility bills, and emotional care may contact these organizations.

Clinton Community Christian Corporation
The 4Cs provides emergency financial assistance, Clinton Community Christian Corporationfood, clothing, furniture, and other items, to families facing financial crisis. These include utility, rent, and prescription assistance. Website...
COVID related services: food, financial assistance, meal delivery.
Please call 601-924-9436 between 9 A.M. -5 P.M. to request assistance prior to visiting their office. 

Second Harvest Food and Clothing Ministry
Second Harvest provides food, clothing, and counseling to residents of Hinds County two days a week. second_harvest_logo.png
Second Harvest is open Monday evenings at 4:30 P.M. and Wednesday mornings at 9:00 A.M. Second Harvest meets at Morrison Heights’ Missions Campus:
201 Morrison Drive
Clinton, MS 39056
For more information contact us at 601.925.6479.

Pinelake Church - Clinton Campus
The Care Center is a resource center where families in need can come to receive food and encouragement and hear about pinelake.jpgChrist. The Care Center offers food for families in need, but it's more than that, it's a place where you can find help and hope.
Open 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:30 pm
201 Clinton Center Drive | Clinton, MS 39056
601.919.4134 |

We have had to close our gym facilities to help keep our members safe during this time, especially our senior members.

The staff have been calling our Senior members and checking on them. We have been finding out if they need any assistance or if there are things they may need that the Y can provide for them. We are trying to keep contact at least twice a week.

The Clinton YMCA is the headquarters for the YMCA Food Program. We have 6-8 sites that we serve free meals to any child 18 and younger during the Summer Time. One of the sites is at the Clinton Y on the front porch. During this time of need we have started our Summer Feeding Program early.

The program started on March 23rd and will last until the Schools resume back. We offer free meals Monday through Friday 12 pm to 1 pm. Because of the current situation we are providing a grab n go method. The other locations are at Westside Park, Grove Park, Battlefield Park and Vergy P. Middleton Park in Jackson.

We have opened our Childcare center to full day service during this time. We have spots available. Hours are 7 am to 6 pm. Children receive am snack, a lunch and a pm snack. The childcare staff are tutoring the children and scheduling school work time so the children can make sure to stay on top of their work. The price is $107 for Y members and $137 for non Y members. 

For more information please contact Sara Cothran at or 601.926.9243


Shelter in Place Order

City of Clinton operations:

Police (patrol, records, 911), Fire and Public Works are considered essential personnel. Please call 911 for emergencies and 601-924-5252 for non-emergencies.

Police Dispatch will be fully staffed. Patrol will maintain regular shift schedules to protect our City. Administration and Investigations will provide additional manpower to patrol as necessary. Crimes will continue to be investigated by CID.

Please note: Reports for petit crimes (stolen cell phones, etc…) will be taken over the phone and a case number assigned.

Fire: Maintaining standard shift schedule. Responding to Critical needs. AMR responding to non-critical needs.

Public Works: Water, Sewer and Street crews will be performing daily essential operations. Roads and potholes will continue to be repaired. Please call 601-924-2239 from 7am - 4pm and 601-924—5252 after hours to report an issue.

Community Development: All business will be handled over the phone at 601-924-2256. Critical inspections will continue.

All other departments will work from home.

Closures: All City Parks, Train Depot, Visitor Center and Wood Center are closed until April 20, 2020. At that point, City officials will be taking the recomendations of the State Health Department at that point to determine extensions of the closures.

Curfew: No curfew has been issued by the City of Clinton. CPD is strictly enforcing the social distancing and shelter-in-place orders. Please self-enforce these orders before CPD has to enforce them.

Rumor Control: Please refrain from spreading misinformation regarding City operations. All official information, announcements and actions from the City will be posted on this page and shared with local media outlets.  

The Mississippi State Department of Health announces cases of COVID-19 by county only. City officials are not notified by the MSDH of local cases. Please refrain from sharing false information. Please go to the MSDH web page for factual information. This link from the Health Dept. shows cases and their distribution across the state:,0,420.html

Please stay informed by the authorities, not the rumor mill.

City Hall is Closed.  Please call 601-924-5474 for assistance. For a faster response, please use Ask The Mayor and we will respond to your concern, question and need within 24 hours.

Community Development: Please call the office (601-924-2256) or check on-line for forms and permits at .

City officials are relaxing the temporary signage rules for businesses to share their operations with the public. Please utilize temporary signage to promote that you are open and serving the public.

Public Works/Garbage: Please pay water bills online, dropbox or by mail. Inside payment window is closed. Please utilize our drop boxes at Public Works, Municipal Annex and City Hall.

Garbage collection is still operating on regular schedule. Due to larger that usual amounts of waste and new DOT regulations preventing operation after dusk, trucks may miss a home on a regular scheduled day. If your garbage is missed, Waste Management will pick it up first thing the next morning. 

Spring Clean Up: May 9 - 16 (except Sunday)

Spring Citywide clean-up will be held May 9 - 16 (except Sunday) from 7:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. at the old Northside Elementary location 1111 Old Vicksburg Road. Clean up will run each day (excluding Sunday) from 7:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. Roll off dumpsters will be placed at the old Northside Elementary location at 1111 Old Vicksburg Road in Clinton. 

There will be no Hazardous Waste collected.

If you have a concern or problem and need to speak to someone about your water bill please call the office at (601-924-2239)

Parks and Rec: ALL parks remain closed. This includes the Bark Park.All programs are canceled until April 20.

During this time there will be no practices, games, or tournaments allowed at any facility or park in Clinton.  

Please continue to take a walk around your neighborhood, but follow the Six (6) foot rule.

Public Safety: Please be prepared to answer screening questions in calls for service. In order to better serve our citizens and protect staff, the dispatcher may ask additional questions to ensure proper response by Police & Fire.

Senior Services: The Wood Activity Center is closed until April 20. Therapeutic Recreation Staff will host regularly scheduled aerobics and exercise classes through the Wood Acivity Center Facebook page. 

We will live stream our exercise classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in order to keep our Living Young participants active. Join us on Facebook Live and follow along with Seniorsize, Tai Chi and Flexercise. You won't need to have a Facebook account. Just grab a chair and click on THIS LINK to get connected.

Class Schedule
Seniorsize - Tuesday and Thursday at 11AM
Tai Chi - Tuesdays at 2PM
Flexercise - Wednesdays at 11AM

All current room reservations for the Olde Towne Depot, Visitor Center and the Wood Activity Center are canceled. Reservations will be rescheduled for a later date.

These measures are being taken to promote the health and safety of the public and our city staff. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this very unusual time.

Social Distancing

Please do your part to flatten the safe.jpg Familiarize yourself with social distancing guidelines and what is recommended by Public Health Officials.

Health officials recommend to avoid the following:
Group gatherings
Church services
Visitors in your house
Non-essential workers in your house

Please keep your distance (at least 6 feet) when you:
Visit a local six feet apart.jpgrestaurant to get take out:
Visit a grocery store
Pick up medications
Or spend time outside in public spaces

It is safe to do the following:
Take a walk, but stay six feet apart!
Yard work.
Clean out a closet or read a good book. Listen to music, have a family game night or stream a favorite show.
Remain connected with friends and neighbors, but do so via phone or email. A video chat is a great way to combat social isolation.

Restaurants may remain open only for delivery, drive-through and curbside service. No carry-out is allowed until April 20. 

Closures and cancellations related to the COVID -19 public health crisis:

Closures: All City Parks, Train Depot, Visitor Center and Wood Center are closed until April 20, 2020.

All City events scheduled  to take place prior to April 20 have been cancelled.

On April 20, City officials will be taking the recomendations of the State Health Department to determine extensions of the closures. 

  • Canceled - Spring Market and Caterpillar Parade
  • Caneled:First Friday Jazz

  • Canceled: Reading Railroad

  • Canceled:Olde Towne Rail Club Quarterly Meeting

  • Canceled: Eggstra Special scheduled for April 5

  • Canceled: Mayor’s Golf Tournament scheduled for April 17 will be postponed to a later date.

  • Canceled: NJCAA Softball National Championship scheduled for May 20-23 has been cancelled by the NJCAA.

  • Canceled - Coffee With a Cop
  • Canceled - Tabletop Day  (will be rescheduled by organizers)
  • Canceled - Citizen's Police Academy
  • Cease until further notice: Fingerprinting services at Clinton Police Department
  • Canceled: Friday Nights at Milepost 89 - Postponed in March and April
  • Parks: All parks closed to April 20, 2020
  • Olde Towne Depot, Wood Activity Center, Visitor Center - closed until April 20, 2020
  • Main Street Clinton's Just the Girls - Cancelled for March and April
  • Main Street Clinton Olde Towne After Dark - Cancelled for March and April
  • All business must be done over the phone or online. City officials are limiting face to face encounters. 
  • All departments are manned by essential personnel only. Please call to allow us to resolve your matter over the phone or email.
  • For answers to questions or to report an issue, please use the Ask the Mayor form. Our goal is to respond to messages within 24 hours. If it is an emergency call 911 or 601-924-5252.

Please follow Mississippi State Department of Health instructions during this time, to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

The decision to close these facilities has not been an easy one, but one we feel we must make due to the national pandemic of COVID-19 (coronavirus).  Our ultimate goal is the safety and well-being of our community. 

City officials will continue to monitor this situation and coordinate with school, state and county officials to address the needs of our Community. Register for e-updates on our website.


Speaker Philip Gunn has had phone calls to his office forwarded to staff.  If you need any help at all, please call 601-359-3300. Speaker Gunn has also set up an email address for you to ask questions or seek help. That address

State of Mississippi Coronavirus Website

MSDH website

COVID-19 Testing

Anyone with flu-like symptoms, especially those who are older or in poor health, should see a healthcare provider as a matter of general good health. Healthcare providers can assess individual cases which may need specific testing for COVID-19.

Prevention and Preparedness

For Individuals

Preventive measures against COVID-19 are the same as those for other respiratory viruses like the flu. To help prevent getting and spreading disease:

·     Stay home if you are sick, and avoid close contact with anyone who is ill.

·     Cover your coughs and sneezes. When possible, cough, sneeze or blow your nose into a tissue, and throw the tissue away.

·     Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

·     Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, especially after coughing or sneezing, blowing your nose, and using the bathroom. Effective handwashing takes about 20 seconds, and includes cleaning under fingernails, between fingers, and washing the back of hands as well as the front. 

·     Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are touched often.

·     Stay in good overall health by eating right and staying active. If you are living with diabetes, heart disease or other condition, keep in touch with your doctor and stay current with your treatment.

·     During or before flu season, get a flu shot. Flu vaccination can prevent the flu or make it less severe, and decrease your chance of hospitalization and death. It also keeps you healthier and better able to fight off infections.

For People at High Risk

People at risk for serious illness from COVID-19 are older adults and those with a chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease. These people should take simple precautions at all times to limit their exposure to others who may be ill:

·     Keep more space between you and others as you go through the day.

·     Avoid crowds. When you do go out in public, keep away from others who are sick and limit close contact.

·     Wash your hands often, especially after being in public places.

If COVID-19 begins to spread locally, you should stay home as much as possible. Having a supply of important medications and basic supplies can help.

For the latest information please visit the Health Department website at:

Clinton Public Schools

CPSD continues to update information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click here for their website and information updates.

Court Services


COURT DATE                       NEW COURT DATE

4/1/2020 ANYTIME           8/20/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/2/2020 ANYTIME           9/3/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/8/2020 ANYTIME           9/10/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/9/2020 ANYTIME           9/17/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/15/2020 ANYTIME        9/24/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/16/2020 ANYTIME        10/01/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/21/2020 ANYTIME        10/22/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/22/2020 ANYTIME        10/29/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/23/2020 ANYTIME        11/5/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/28/2020 ANYTIME        11/19/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/29/2020 ANYTIME        12/3/2020 AT 1:00 PM

4/30/2020 ANYTIME        12/10/2020 AT 1:00 PM

You may email the Court Clerk, Rose Hageman at:
Also email one of the Deputy Clerks at:
Brianna Brooks –
Amanda Clark –
Brandy Williams –

The office number is available to call for question – (601)924-4411.

Credit card payments to be made at, by calling 800-444-1187 or by using the kiosk in our lobby.

Those paying past due fines may use this as an opportunity for amnesty. All those choosing to pay past due fines during this time, will have their contempt of court fines waived by the judge.

SBA Paycheck Protection Program


The SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Coronavirus Small Business Loans Icon Large.jpgauthorizes up to $349 billion in forgivable loans to small businesses to pay their employees during the COVID-19 crisis.


1.       The loan proceeds are used to cover payroll costs, most mortgage interest, rent, and utility costs over the 8-week period after the loan is made

2.       Employee and compensation levels must be maintained. You have until June 30, 2020 to restore your full-time employment and salary levels for any changes made between February 15, 2020, and April 26, 2020

When can I apply? Starting April 3, 2020. FUNDS MOST LIKELY WILL RUN OUT BEFORE THE DEADLINE TO APPLY (JUNE 30, 2020)

Where can I apply? You can apply through any existing SBA lender

Who can apply? Any business with 500 or fewer employees can apply

What do I need to apply? Collateral or personal guarantee are not required. You will need to submit to your lender the following:

1.       SBA PPP application

2.       The required documentation to verify your payroll costs

How large can my loan be? Up to 2.25 times your monthly payroll with a $10 million cap

How much of my loan will be forgiven? You will owe money when your loan is due ONLY IF:

1.       You do not maintain your staff and payroll

2.       You use the loan amount for ANYTHING OTHER than payroll costs, mortgage interest, rent, and utility costs over the 8 weeks after getting the loan

How can I request loan forgiveness? You can submit a request to the lender that is servicing the loan. The lender must make a decision on the forgiveness of the loan within 60 days

What is my interest rate? 0.50% fixed interest rate

When do I need to start paying interest on my loan? All payments are deferred for 6 months

When is my loan due? In 2 years

Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury

Gabriel Prado | Director of Economic Development Department of Economic Development | City of Clinton, MS

T: 601-291-8275 | E: | W:

Download PPP Application
Download FAQ

Resources for Businesses

Resources and information for our business community on responding to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic from the Clinton Chamber of Commerce. More...

Temporary Signs, Banners and Tents Allowed

Mayor Phil Fisher has relaxed  restrictions on temporary sign, banners, tents and ribbon flags for Clinton businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses (not limited to restaurants) in Clinton that are providing online, carryout, delivery and curbside services may utilize these additional marketing tools to promote their operations during this emergency. Read more...

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19, it is important that our businesses in Clinton are aware of the economic resources available for them to face our current situation. That being said, the Department of Economic Development for the City of Clinton wanted to share with you the information that was put out by the state regarding the “SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program” to support our local businesses. Please share this information with anyone that you think could benefit from it.

  • Mississippi is working closely with the U.S. Small Business Administration to activate the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program so we can protect our small businesses and their communities. The SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan program provides small businesses with working capital loans of up to $2 million that can provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing.
  • In another effort to help Mississippi small businesses, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is urging small business owners to fill out and submit a coronavirus impact report. “We are collecting this information so that Mississippi may request an Economic Injury Declaration from the Small Business Administration to aid in the economic loss suffered as a result of the COVID-19 event,” MEMA said in a statement.

For instructions on how to complete an “Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet for Business”, click here >>

To fill out the worksheet, click here >>

  • Once the paperwork is completed, you can send it directly to the MEMA State Coordinating Officer at Questions can be sent to that email as well.



Water Bills

The Mississippi Public Service Commission has temporarily suspended disconnection of utility services, including water services, for 60 days in response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Public Service Commission Order states that customers should continue to pay their utility bills for utility services utilized during this time. PSC Commissioners encourage customers to continue paying their bills to avoid extreme balances at the end of the 60 days and to work with your service providers should other matters cause hardships.

For the welfare of our customers and staff, please make every attempt to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing by utilizing the drop boxes (City Hall, Public Works, Municipal Annex) and the Drive-thru window at Public Works for your transactions.

Distance payment options:

  • Dropboxes at City Hall, Municipal Annex and Public Works.
  • Online at
  • Call 601-202-4382 to pay your bill through our automated water bill payment system. Customers wishing to utilize the service will need their account number.

CARES ACT: Economic Stimulus

The U.S. Senate has passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, and it is expected to pass through the House by the end of the week. The Department of Economic Development for the City of Clinton believes that is important that we share this information with our business community and everybody that can utilize any of the key provisions of the CARES Act. Below you will find a summary sent to us on the key provisions of the CARES Act.

CARES Act Key Provisions

  • Small Business Paycheck Protection Program
    The CARES Act includes a $325 billion small business loan program designed for businesses having fewer than 500 employees to be administered through the Small Business Administration (SBA). The maximum amount of the loan is the lesser of a multiple of 2.5x payroll or $10 million. Under certain conditions, there are aspects of the loan that qualify for forgiveness. The deadline to apply for the small business loan program is June 30, 2020, and details are expected to be issued soon and accessible at
  • Large Business Loan Program and Credit Facility
    A second loan program has been established for larger businesses that do not otherwise qualify for the small business offering. While the total value of this program is $500 billion, after the deduction for amounts directed to airlines and industries designated for national security, there is $425 billion available. It is expected that this amount will be leveraged significantly and potentially provide up to $4 trillion in financial support. Loans must be secured, for a term of not more than 5 years, and subject to an annualized interest rate that is not higher than 2 percent per annum. For the first six months after any direct loan is made, there is no principal or interest due or payable. That may be extended at the Treasury Secretary's discretion. While the loan is outstanding, stock repurchases are prohibited by borrowers, who are also required to maintain existing employment to the extent practical and abide by limits imposed on executive compensation. The U.S. Treasury is working through the guidance and is required to publish procedures for applications and the minimum requirements within 10 days of the bill's passage by the House.
  • Corporate Tax Provisions
    There are a number of provisions providing corporate tax relief. These include extension of NOL carrybacks for five years, delay of employer payroll taxes, correction of qualified improvement property depreciation back to 15 years, employee retention credits, relaxation of business interest deductions and employee retention credits.
  • Individual Tax Relief
    Recovery rebates of up to $1,200 for individuals (phase out beginning at $75,000 annual income) or $2,400 for married couples (phase out beginning at $150,000 annual income), each increased by $500 for every child.
  • Enhanced Unemployment Benefits
    Unemployment benefits by adding a $600/week across‑the‑board payment increase through the end of July, 2020. In addition, for those who need it, the bill provides an additional 13 weeks of benefits beyond what states typically allow. The expansion in unemployment benefits expires at the end of 2020 in recognition of the temporary nature of this challenge. Benefits should be accessible via a state's unemployment insurance website.
  • Banking Provisions
    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) has provided expanded authority to guarantee bank accounts and ease lending regulations. The Act also allows banks to postpone compliance with the Current Expected Credit Losses standard and ease accounting rules to make it easier for banks to restructure Troubled Debt Ratio without taking a hit to capital and regulatory relief from accounting standards for loan modifications.