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Storm Debris Removal

The City of Clinton recognizes that clean up after a storm can place strain on both the public and on city resources. In an effort to ensure that citizens are served and that City equipment and work crews are utilized efficiently, the City is asking residents to follow these guidelines in the clean-up and disposal of tree limbs or branches caused by yesterday’s storm.

Larger tree limbs and branches brought down as a result of the storm may be cut and stacked behind the curb of the individual's residence. Under no circumstances should any type of storm debris be piled or pushed into the street. Such debris can end up being washed into drainage inlets in a subsequent storm clogging them and creating a flooding hazard.

Yard debris will be collected on the last garbage collection day of the week under the city of Clinton’s waste removal contract with Waste Management. The contract outlines the following requirements for limb removal:

  • Limbs and other trimmings should not exceed five feet in length and no greater than eight inches in diameter.
  • Limbs and/or bundled branches may not weigh more than sixty pounds or exceed two cubic yards and should be placed next to the trash receptacle.

For residents with storm debris that exceeds the allowable limits under the waste management contract, the Department of Public Works will initiate special waste pick-ups in order to dispose of this type of debris. Debris must be stacked neatly behind the curb. Please do not stack debris on the road or in the gutter. 

Public Works Department debris removal truck will be working diligently over the next few weeks to remove debris from residences and right of ways ion the city. Please be patient with the city crew as they work to clean our city.

The owner/occupant may request to have a licensed contractor remove damaged limbs, but it is the responsibility of the contractor to haul the limbs to the landfill. Residents who contract with a tree service or hire an individual for the removal of trees on private property will be responsible for the disposal of such debris.

The City appreciates the cooperation of the public in ensuring the timely and efficient clean-up of storm debris. For more information regarding the removal and clean-up of storm debris, please visit or call 601-924-2239.