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Public Works

Garbage & Recycling

Household garbage is collected twice per week by Waste Management.


Garbage and Recycling 

Residential garbage collection begins at 7:00 a.m. Garbage and recycling must be on the curb by 7:00 A.M. to ensure collection. 

No collection takes place on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. Collection missed due to Holidays is not made up. Collection will resume the next regularly scheduled collection day.

To determine your garbage collection day, contact Public Works at 601-924-2239. 


  • Residents may use up to a thirty gallon receptacle;
  • Garbage must be placed curbside by 7:00 A.M to ensure pickup;
  • Please do not place garbage at the curb earlier than dusk the night before your collection;
  • Receptacle should not exceed sixty pounds total weight;
  • Plastic garbage bags with sufficient wall strength and not exceeding forty pounds in total weight are also acceptable;
  • All containers should be placed in a location that is easily accessible for pick-up and one that is no more than five feet from the curb line;
  • Please place the containers in a manner that will not block driveways or mailboxes or otherwise inhibit other services;
  • Prevent litter in our City by bagging all garbage. Loose paper in garbage cans can easily fly out of the cans and garbage trucks.


Waste Management will provide one recycling container per household. Curbside recycling will be collected once a week and taken to Recycle America, an approved recycle center. Containers may be acquired at Public Works as supplies are available.

Recycling dumpsters (green with yellow tops) are available for public use at:

  • 525 Springridge Road from 7 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Items accepted for recycling include cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum and steel cans. Unfortunately, glass cannot be accepted. 

  • Monday and Thursday - Wednesday recycle
  • Tuesday and Friday - Wednesday recycle


Citywide Clean Up 

Clinton Public Works hosts two citywide cleanups per year. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. Our next citywide cleanup will be held:

April 15-22, 2023 (except Sunday)
Spring (1).png

The City of Clinton’s annual Spring Citywide Cleanup will take place April 15th - 22nd (except Sunday, April 16th). During the cleanup period, the City of Clinton will have dumpsters available for residents at the old Northside Elementary School location at 1111 Old Vicksburg Road.

Hours of operation for the City of Clinton’s Spring Cleanup are 7 am to 5 pm. The site will continue to be closed on Sunday. City employees will be present to help residents, as needed.

“Spring cleanup continues to grow in utilization by Clinton residents. Public Works hopes that most residents will participate in the service to keep Clinton cleaner,” said Phillip Lilley, Director of Public Works.

Residents utilizing the service are asked to line up on Longwood Place in the Briars and turn west on Old Vicksburg Road for disposal. Due to the expense of the program, the Public Works Department will limit the service to residents of Clinton only. Residents utilizing the service will be asked to show proof of residency. Accepted forms of identification include a City of Clinton water/garbage bill, a driver’s license or state-issued ID card with a Clinton address.

The spring cleanup days are a service to Clinton residents who may have items too large to dispose of on their regularly scheduled garbage collection days. Residents can dispose of yard waste, bulky items and other household debris free of charge. 

The spring cleanup period does not include e-waste, such as old computers, printers or keyboards, which can often be partially recycled.  Refrigerators, freezers and A/C units cannot be accepted due to freon. A separate time for disposal of e-waste and hazardous materials, such as paint and pesticides, will be offered in the on May 13th. 

For more information, call 601-924-2239.

Hazardous Waste Disposal


The City of Clinton will offer a Hazardous Waste disposal day for residents. Public Works leaders have scheduled a hazardous waste disposal opportunity on May 13, 2023.

The spring hazardous waste disposal will take place on Saturday, April 2, at the Public Works Facility at 525 Springridge Road. Disposal will be accepted from 8 am to noon.

Residents are encouraged to dispose of common household chemical waste, such as used motor oil, paint, paint thinners, propane tanks, batteries, aerosols, antifreeze and insecticides, by bringing it to the facility for proper disposal.

Public Works staff will be on site to accept different types of hazardous materials. 

Other common items of household waste include car batteries, tires, fluorescent bulbs and electronics (computers, printers, TV’s, etc.). Any chemical or article that is designated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to be "hazardous" will be collected on this day.

For more information, call 601-924-2239.

Year Round Disposal:

Any chemical or article, which is designated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to be “hazardous”, will not be collected in regular garbage collection.

Products such as: used motor oil, paint, paint thinners, propane tanks, batteries, aerosols, antifreeze, televisions, monitors, computers, insecticides, etc., may be taken to the Environmental Service Center. The ESC is located at 1570 Terry Road. Operating hours are: Tuesday, Thursday and every 4th Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The phone number is 601-960-0000.

Products such as: Products such as: used motor oil, paint, paint thinners, propane tanks, batteries, aerosols, antifreeze, televisions, monoitors, computers, insecticides, tires, etc... will be accepted.

Light Commercial Pick-Up Service

Twice a week pick-up service will be provided to businesses that generate no more than one and one-half cubic yards of solid waste per week. If waste exceeds these limits, the business will be required to contract with a private company for collection.

Rubbish/Tree Limbs & Trimmings

Yard debris will be collected by Waste Management. Leaves should be bagged and limbs bound in twine.

Limbs and other trimmings should not exceed five feet in length and no greater than eight inches in diameter. Limbs and/or bundled branches may not weigh more than sixty pounds or exceed two cubic yards (size of a refrigerator). 

Limbs and debris for collection should be placed curbside next to the trash receptacle. Leaves, limbs and yard debris placed in the gutter are in violation of city ordinance and could result in a fine. 

Residents who contract with a tree service or hire an individual for the removal of trees on private property will be responsible for the disposal of such debris.

The City of Clinton offers rubbish removal for IMG_0897.jpgrubbish piles no larger than seven feet long and five feet high. Public Works will not be responsible for the disposal of entire trees. You may call to schedule a pickup at 601-924-2239 or fill out of work order form on our website. 

Brown Goods / White Goods

Furniture including upholstered pieces and mattresses, stoves, refrigerators and air conditioner units that are de-energized of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), water heaters, washing machines, and other waste materials other than construction debris will be collected on the first collection day of the week. Limit one item per week per household.

Construction Debris

Waste Management will not collect solid waste resulting solely from construction, remodeling, repair, or demolition operations on homes, buildings or other structures. This includes roofing materials, landscape materials, tree removal, bricks, concrete, fencing material, etc. The homeowner will be responsible for disposal of such debris.