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The City of Clinton crime rates are on the decline

Clinton, Miss. (January 10, 2022) - The City of Clinton is proud to announce the decline in felony property and robbery crimes for the year 2021. After looking at the 2021 crime numbers, we are showing a reduction of crime in a majority of different categories, compared to the 2020 crime statistics.

          Since Mayor Phil Fisher took office in 2013, the City of Clinton has seen a 76% reduction in auto burglary and a 58% reduction in armed robberies. Residential burglaries have declined 92% under his tenure, noting there were 13 in 2021 and 174 in 2013.

                “Our city is safer now, thanks to our dedicated police department,” says Fisher. “The Clinton Police Department opened a Narcotics Unit in October of 2021. Last year, there were over 400 narcotics arrests, over 100 firearms seized that were relatable to narcotics and 19 arrests for convicted felons in possession of a firearm. These numbers can’t happen without our citizens supporting our police department and the dedication from our officers to keeping Clinton safe.”

          In 2021, the City of Clinton hired five officers. The Board of Aldermen added three officer positions this budget cycle, bringing the sworn positions to 65 sworn officers. Chief of Police, Ford Hayman, said, “We are continually seeking out new recruits and experienced officers in order to reach full capacity. I am extremely proud of the progress within our department.” In 2021, Lieutenant Wes Atkins, Sergeant Timothy Walker and Sergeant Gerrnero Trussell received promotions within in the Clinton Police Department.

          The Clinton Police Department currently provides three School Resource Officers for the Clinton Public School District. The department works closely with the CPSD to ensure safety and security are priority for all students and staff members.

          Strong armed robbery has dropped from five in 2013 to two in 2021. There was a total of 65 grand larceny cases in 2013 and 20 in 2021, totaling a 69% decrease. In 2020, the City of Clinton reported 22 residential burglaries and 13 were reported for 2021.  

         The City of Jackson continues to see an increase in crimes. As a neighboring city, Clinton continues to fight the battle of Jackson criminals trying to come inside our city limits. Without a buffer to shield of us from the crime in Jackson, the Clinton Police Department has done a remarkable job to decrease crime rates.

          “I am really pleased with the effort from our officers,” says Hayman. “They continually embrace the mission we have outlined which directly combats crime, criminals and criminal behaviors, while maintaining a professional and respectful demeanor.

          The Clinton Police Department keeps up with technology by providing each officer with tools needed to help them succeed. The department is no stranger to trying new and creative ways to fight crime. “We look forward to utilizing technology, implementing new strategies and continuing to maintain a safe city for our residents and visitors,” says Hayman. “We are honored to serve the great citizens of Clinton and we are thankful for the support we receive from citizens, our Board of Aldermen and Mayor Fisher.”

Clinton Police Warn Parents of Marijuana Edibles Packaged Like Candy

The Clinton Police Department is warning marijuana_edible_nerdz.jpgresidents of Marijuana edibles packaged to look like regular candy.

Clinton Police recently found multiple packs of marijuana edibles and other controlled substances while conducting a traffic stop this weekend.

The edibles were packaged to look almost identical to Nerds. However, the label reads "”NerdZ”. Another package designed to look like Mentos gum packaging had a label that read “gumball”.

Officers are reminding metro area parents, teachers and children to stay vigilantmarijuana_edibles_gumball.jpg in case of coming across similar products, which the Clinton Police Department said are "disguised with to target children and hide illegal substances in plain sight."

 “We need to focus on educating parents, teachers, and children to the dangers of the potency of these products," stated Chief Ford Hayman. “Parents should be alert to the availability of these types of products and the potential that their children may be utilizing marijuana edibles.



Clinton Police Arrest Auto Burglary Suspect
Nicholas Jordan Cole MugshotResidents are reminded to lock their vehicles

Clinton, Miss. (July 8, 2020) Clinton Police have arrested an individual wanted in connection to multiple auto burglaries in Clinton.

In the early morning hours of June 20, 2020, the Clinton Police Department (CPD) received multiple reports of auto burglaries that occurred around the area of the Cascades Subdivision near Northside Drive. 

In these incidences, all of the eight (8) vehicles were unlocked and various items were taken.

During the course of the investigation, CPD identified and charged Nicholas Jordan Cole of Clinton as being responsible for the auto burglaries. Cole faces multiple charges for felony auto burglary. Two minors were also identified in relation to the case.

Clinton Police are seeking the partnership of residents in reducing the opportunity for theft by locking vehicles and securing firearms in residences when not utilizing a vehicle.

Residents are reminded to lock doors at your residence or on your vehicle. Vehicle doors left unlocked provide an opportunity for someone who most likely wouldn’t have forced entry into a locked vehicle. Please lock crime out of Clinton.

Police Chief Ford Hayman noted that, more often than not, auto burglaries are the result of vehicles being left unlocked.

“An unlocked vehicle is an opportunity for a thief, especially if valuables are left in plain view,” Hayman noted. Aside from locking your vehicle, take a moment to remove valuables: wallets, purses, guns, electronics, sporting equipment, etc. from your vehicle. Removing and securing your property is eliminating an opportunity for a thief.”