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Court Services

Fine Payment

Payment of Traffic Tickets Prior to Court Date

Mississippi law allows you to prepay certain traffic tickets prior to the court date. The back of your ticket has more information about doing so. You may pay those tickets in person, by money order, or by going to www.trafficpayment.com or call 1-800-844-1187.

Payment of Fines

Fines are due IN FULL on the day of sentencing. This will be either the day you plead guilty or the day you may be found guilty. Fines will include the amount assessed by the judge and all applicable state assessments. There is never a fine when you are found not guilty. Any fines not paid after 90 days will be turned over to collections and result in an increase of up to 50% of the amount owed.

All tickets and certain misdemeanor offenses will be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety.

Check Policy

Checks are accepted on certain traffic violations ONLY. Otherwise payment must be made by cash, certified check (for the correct amount), money order (for the correct amount), or full payment at www.clintonmstix.com. Receipts will be issued upon payment.

Driving School

Mississippi law allows the Court to send an offender to driving school under certain conditions to keep the offense off your driving record.

If you have not had a moving violation in the past three years you could be eligible to attend. This provides that the violation is not subject to public view and is allowed under the following conditions:

  1. That you possess a valid driver license (commercial license holders are disqualified).
  2. That you have had no conviction for a moving violation in this state or any other state within the last three (3) years.
  3. That you pay the applicable fine.
  4. That you pay an additional service fee of $10.
  5. That your license is held in suspension for a minimum of 30 days if you are a juvenile (under 21); the maximum is 90 days. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION MADE. If the defendant obtains a duplicate license or has possession of another license while he is in suspension by the court, he could be charged with additional violations, including Contempt of Court which carries a penalty of up to $1000 fine and / or 6 months in jail. Contact is made with the MS Highway Patrol to ascertain that this has not occurred.
  6. That you attend a four hour traffic safety violator course as pre-approved by the court.

Insurance Tickets

The State of Mississippi requires the driver of a vehicle to have liability insurance. This insurance can be on the driver or on the vehicle being driven at the time of the ticket. Failure to provide such insurance results in a fine of $638. Proof of insurance that has been purchased after the ticket date but before the court date carries a fine of $238. Proof of insurance that was in effect at the time of the ticket will not be fined.