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Field Conditions

Want to know how Field Condition Alerts work?

Updates are sent out at approximately 2pm on weekdays, excluding Wednesdays, as all fields are closed on Wednesdays as per City Ordinance. Weekend updates are sent within 30 minutes of park opening (Sat 7:30am, Sun 1:30pm).

New updates will only be sent out if the previous update has expired and is no longer valid, with the exception for Mondays. We will start the week off with an update on Monday, regardless if the status from Sunday has not changed.

For example, on Monday at 2:00 p.m. an update is sent out with “all fields open”. It rains on Tuesday, so an update is sent out at 2pm with “all fields closed”. Sun shines all day Wednesday (no new update, because fields are automatically closed). Thursday it’s still sun shining, an update at 2pm will come out saying “all fields open”. Friday the sun is still out, so there is no update sent at 2pm, because the current status is still valid.

By subscribing to receive the Field Status messages, you get the updates as soon as they are sent. No need to go looking online, or calling the hotline to find out. Once your season is over, and you don’t want to receive updates, simply unsubscribe until you’re ready to subscribe again.

To receive text notifications, simply text CPRD to 855-785-7896.