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C Spire Fiber

Why Clinton Supports C Spire Fiber

It is about infrastructure. A fiber optic network running through Clinton, offering connectivity to our neighborhoods and homes, is as important as having good roads and a strong water and sewer system. Fiber optics is no longer about communication in the future, it’s about communication now. The traditional methods of carrying information are rapidly becoming archaic. Just as road construction and water and sewer systems have progressed, so has communication. The current communication infrastructure will simply not support the opportunities that are available now and will multiply in the not-so-distant future. Even now, households with multiple internet users and TV watchers find themselves dealing with bandwidth issues that leave them with inadequate signals to their homes.In order to be competitive on the global, national and state marketplaces, the City of Clinton must provide world class infrastructure. access to water, power and roads are not enough to entice residents and businesses to locate in Clinton. In the ever expanding digital world Clinton must lead the way. Clinton schools current 1:1 technolgy intiative brings digital learning to over 5,000 students. In addition, Mississippi College boasts over 5,000 students utilizing compuuters, tablets, and smart phones.

Clinton’s schools made a commitment in the past few years to equip our students with iPad and computers. Our kids take these home and often find themselves unable to get their work done quickly because of degraded internet functionality, due to an aging infrastructure. We’ve given our kids the equivalent of nice cars that are running on insufficient roads. The internet “load” in many of your homes is the equivalent of multiple people trying to shower at the same time. Your water pressure is low and the hot water is running out.

It is also important to note that Clinton had a distinct advantage in this program. Along with Ridgeland, we were the only communities in Metro Jackson given the opportunity to choose this service. Now, Madison and Jackson have also been given this opportunity, and those cities are rapidly embracing it. They missed the boat the first time around, and they are making sure not  to miss it this time. We don’t want Clinton to miss it either. Please preregister; this is important.

Currently twenty-one neighborhoods are capable of receiving Fiber internet to the home through Capire and AT&T. The number of homes with world class internet connections is growing daily in Clinton. To learn more about 1 gbps internet please visit our Fiber to the Home (FTTH) partner at Join Clinton in the revolution to bring FTTH to our city. Pre-register your home today at