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Community Development

Report a Nuisance Property

Nuisance Property Complaint Form

Unkempt property in the city of Clinton contributes to blight and crime while also driving down the property values of our neighborhoods and businesses. Help the city of Clinton protect property values and your quality of life by reporting nuisance properties.

Report nuisance, unkempt and neglected properties in the city of Clinton using the form below. Once a complaint is received it will be assigned to our code enforcement officers for action.

Frequently reported issues to Code Enforcement include:

  • Overgrown hedges and fence lines
  • Unkempt or overgrown yard
  • inoperable vehicles on property
  • Parking on grass
  • Broken windows
  • Peeling paint, rotten wood, mold, or mildew
  • Trailers not stored in garage or behind fence
  • DISCLAIMER - You only have to fill in the required information (address of complaint and the complaint itself) - if you choose to fill in your contact information, it does become public record at that time. If  you choose not to leave your contact info you may call the office at 601-924-2256 to follow up on your complaint.
  • View a more detailed list by clicking here.