• Community Development
  • 961 Highway 80 East
  • 601-924-2256
  • tseaton@clintonms.org
Community Development

Licenses & Permits

All for profit entities operating in the City of Clinton are required to obtain a business license. Information must be provided on the number of employees and/or assessed value of inventory (depending on the type of business) in order to obtain a license.

Questions regarding business license may be directed to the Community Development at 601-924-2256. The office hours are 7:30 am tuntil 4:30 pm excluding holidays. Community Development is located in the Municipal Annex at 961 Highway 80 East (across from Wal-Mart).

Other Licenses and Permits

An application for a license to sell beer within the City of Clinton is required prior to the beginning of sale. Upon approval of the application a $15.00 license fee is required.

Specific businesses such as contractors or dealers of firearms may require additional information prior to receiving a business licenses.