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Clinton Broadband Meeting: February 29 and March 7

February 20, 2024

In an effort to bring strong, reliable broadband to the entire Clinton community, the City of Clinton will be holding a broadband meeting to review the BEAD map for residents on February 29th and March 7th at 5:30 pm at the Wood Activity Center, 111 Clinton Blvd. The meetings will be available to all residents who are misrepresented on the BEAD map which can be viewed by clicking the link below. The BEAD map lists each residence as unserved, served, underserved, and funded. For the purposes of the meetings on the 29th and 7th, we will be focusing on those residents who may present challenges to the map which include:

1. Address listed as served but no broadband access is available
2. Speed paid for is not the speed provided (test your broadband at broadbandms.com )
3. Latency causes buffering when an action is taken (ex: viewing a video)
4. Technology, or service provider, is listed by the map but is unavailable in your area
5. Service provider advertised but not available
6. Submit proof of a data cap of 600 GB/month (it should be listed on your monthly bill)

If you are unserved and represented as unserved, the map is an accurate reflection of your current accessibility and no challenge should be made to the map’s accuracy.

Review BEAD Map

Click the link above to view the BEAD map, enter your address in the top right corner to view your bead eligibility.

If you have a challenge, you can report that challenge here: BEAD Map Challenge Form 

If you are unsure if you have a challenge, or are looking for more information, please attend one of the meetings on February 29 or March 7 for a more in depth look at the BEAD map and what challenging the accuracy of the map entails.

For additional questions or concerns contact Marlee Price at mprice@clintonms.org or 601-813-6379.