Board of Aldermen

Ricki Garrett


Ricki Garrett is a longtime resident of Clinton who was elected to the Alderman At Large seat in 2017. Ricki has taught high school English, served a 12-year term on the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning, and served as Executive Director of the Mississippi Nurses Association. Ricki has many years of public service in local boards, agencies and community organizations.   Clinton, Mississippi has the potential to become a model city emulated by others around the country. That potential is anchored by one of the best school systems in the state, the presence of an exemplary institution of higher learning, an authentic and historic Olde Towne, and a record of excellent public safety. Clinton deserves a leader who can embrace that foundation of excellence and envision a model community of the future. 

Clinton is at a crossroads in its history; it requires transformational leadership to move it beyond what exists to what can be. It requires a leadership style that can envision possibilities, but can also articulate the vision, build collaborations, and carry out the work to make the vision a reality. Ricki has spent a lifetime becoming that leader and want to use those skills to make our community a better place.

Ricki's vision for Clinton is to take a very livable suburb and transform it into a vibrant community with:

  • a long-range plan for restaurant, retail, and economic development
  • a culture of service and communication, including creation of a public information office
  • appealing residential developments
  • a thriving Olde Towne, drawing residents and visitors
  • a focus on amenities and aesthetics that enhance our quality of life and build emotional investment in our community
  • support for and collaboration with an outstanding K-12 school system, of which my own children are products, and with Mississippi College
  • an emphasis on police and fire protection

Ricki Garrett's record of career and community service provides excellent preparation for the role of alderwoman at large. As a former president and twelve-year board member of the Institutions of Higher Learning, governing the eight public universities in Mississippi, Ricki hired thirteen university presidents and commissioners,
oversaw a two-billion dollar budget and every aspect of higher education, including academics, buildings and grounds, legal and financial issues, and athletics. As Executive Director of the Mississippi Nurses Association, Ricki managed a large non-profit representing 39,000 nurses in the state, growing their
membership by fifty percent, doubling the budget, enhancing their presence statewide and nationally, and advocating in the Legislature and in Congress for the profession.

Ricki's leadership over the years, in our community and statewide, has given me the experience and expertise to lead Clinton in a transformational way. The relationships Ricki has developed will be invaluable in building partnerships and securing resources for the future of Clinton. And the leadership style that I am known for—strong, passionate, transparent, open, congenial, and collaborative—is the type of leadership that will assure a bright future for our community.