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Voting Locations for the November 7th State Elections

November 7, 2023

Knowing where to vote during local, state, and federal elections can be a bit confusing. To find your polling location to cast your ballot in the November 7th general election visit My Election Day (state.ms.us).

If you cannot access the Secretary of State’s website, reference the list below of polling locations in the City of Clinton:

Olde Towne Train Depot
281 E. Leake St.

Wood Center
111 Clinton Blvd.

Fire Station #4
1973 Pinehaven Dr.

Wildwood Baptist Church
101 Auburn Dr.

Northside Baptist Church
1475 Northside Dr.

Clinton YMCA
400 Lindale Dr.

First United Methodist Church
100 Mt. Salus Rd.

Pineview Baptist Church
1288 Clinton Raymond Rd.